Choose Your Albuquerque Extra Storage Space Unit Sizes

5x5 (25 Sq. Ft.)
5x5 Unit This closet sized unit can hold small furniture, a chest of drawers, little items and several boxes. Climate Control units may also be used for small business storage of pharmaceutical supplies or cosmetics.
5x10 (50 Sq. Ft.)
5x10 Unit Approximately the size of a walk-in closet, this unit is big enough to store a mattress set, sofa, chair, end table, 7 boxes and two bicycles, or 100 business size boxes.
5x15 (75 Sq. Ft.)
5x15 Unit Since this spacious unit is the size of a large walk-in closet, it accommodates the standard furnishings of a one-bedroom apartment, or 150 file boxes.
10x10 (100 Sq. Ft.)
10x10 Unit This average size unit can hold the contents of a one-bedroom apartment including refrigerator, washer, dryer, or 200 file boxes.
10x15 (150 Sq. Ft.)
10x15 Unit There is room in this storage unit for the contents of a two-bedroom apartment or small house, carpet roll, and lawn equipment.
10x20 (200 Sq. Ft.)
10x20 Unit The contents of a small home with a one-car garage along with appliances, small items, boxes and lawn equipment fits into this space.
10x30 (300 Sq. Ft.)
10x30 Unit Approximately the size of a standard one-car garage, this space can easily hold the furnishing of a two-bedroom home as well as a car.

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